M-Sphere® Natural Hydroxyapatite Orbital Implants


M-Sphere® Natural Hydroxyapatite orbital implants are designed to support and impart movement to a prosthesis (artificial eye) after enucleation. The bony trabeculae within the M-Sphere® implant provide a completely porous structure which is easily and rapidly incorporated into the tissues (10, 11, 15).
The M-Sphere® orbital implant is manufactured from MoaBone®, the natural hydroxyapatite mineral matrix of cancellous bone. The bone, of New Zealand origin, is treated to remove the organic components leaving only the hydroxyapatite mineral framework.
Using careful surgical technique it is possible to insert a relatively large M-Sphere® implant into Tenon’s space and eliminate dead space in the socket. Cosmetically this is highly desirable as it produces a visible bulge behind the closed eyelids giving an impression of a normal closed eye even when a prosthesis is not being worn. Furthermore, the movement of the conjunctiva-covered orbital implant against the tarsal conjunctiva prevents the accumulation of secretions and maintains a healthy socket (11). Where customised prostheses (artificial eyes) are not available, a smaller M-Sphere® orbital implant can be used with a stock prosthesis.
The translucency of the M-Sphere® reflects the porous structure
The translucency of the M-Sphere® reflects the porous structure
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Advantages of the M-Sphere® orbital implant:

  • The M-Sphere® implant is a matrix of white, very light, natural hydroxyapatite.
  • The M-Sphere® material is completely porous. When implanted in the patient’s tissues it is rapidly organised by the patient’s fibrovascular tissue.
  • The M-Sphere® implant can be easily shaped to suit the individual case by soaking the implant in antibiotic or saline solution which softens the implant material and allows it to be shaped by the surgeon with a pair of scissors.
  • M-Sphere® implants are pre-sterilised for added convenience and safety.
  • Once incorporated into the patient’s tissue the M-Sphere® implant resists migration and extrusion. It provides a robust, permanent and mobile support for a prosthetic eye (11, 15).
  • When fitted with a prosthetic eye the M-Sphere® orbital implant gives an excellent cosmetic appearance without the need for drilling and pegging.

Independent quantitative analysis shows the M-Sphere® implant is lighter and more porous than other devices derived from bone substitutes (10).

All MoaBone and M-Sphere® orbital implants are manufactured and sterilised in strict accordance with international standards and guidelines.

MRI safe.


Available in the following sizes:

The M-Sphere® implant is available in a range of sizes which means that the ideal M-Sphere® can be selected to suit each patient.

In addition MoaBone® natural hydroxyapatite surgical implants (M-Sphere® segments) are available for cosmetic reconstructive surgery of the orbit.

  • MS 16 M-Sphere® implant 16mm
  • MS 18 M-Sphere® implant 18mm
  • MS 20 M-Sphere® implant 20mm
  • MS 22 M-Sphere® implant 22mm
  • MS Reconstruction pack (4 assorted segments)

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