2017, year dealing with Conference and Meetings in Pasay City, New Orleans and Lisbon


30th September 2017

With the consent of Vietnam Ophthalmological Society, Vietnam Cornea Club will organize the 2017 scientific conference. This is an annual conference for members to exchange experience, gain knowledge about a kind of disease called Conjunctivitis and the surface of the eyeball. Delegates to this Conference are corneal specialist doctors, ophthalmology doctors who are interested in this field and some experts on the cornea from Japan and Thailand.
The meeting will be held on 30th September 2017 at the Sai Gon-Quy Nhon hotel, Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh province, with the theme “Corneal disease caused by the viruses of Herpes group”.
The Organization Committee respectfully invite all colleagues to attend and inform doctors who are interested to join together. The organization board will support a portion of the funding for doctors who spend their own expenses to join the Conference.
The fee to attend the Conference is 500,000 VND, gentlemen can pay directly at the Conference or through transfer. The registration deadline is on 15th August 2017. Please provide full information according to the form attached below. Please send your registration form by email address as follows: caulacbogm@gmail.com.

Sincerely thanks!
The head of the Organization Committee
Cornea Club’s Chairman
Associate Professor, Doctor Hoang Thi Minh Chau.

European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

October 7-11, 2017

Annual Congress 2017, meeting held in Lisbon, Portugal

American Academy of Ophthalmology

November 11-14, 2017

Meeting held in New Orleans, with Subspecialty Day program from November 10- 11, 2017

Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology

December 4-7, 2017

2017 PAO Congress Meeting conducted in Pasay City

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