The proprietary DryTekTM  process safely and gently separates placental tissues, cleans and reassembles layers, and then gently air dries /dehydrates the tissue to preserve the key bio-structure associated with wound healing. The DryTekTM process removes blood components while protecting the delicate amniotic membrane, leaving an intact extracellular matrix for excellent scaffold durability.The dAMT grafts go through a final sterilisation process by being terminally sterilised at 25 KyG irradiation. The result is a robust graft with natural barrier properties. DryTekTM processed dehydrated human amnion allografts (dAMT) can be stored at room temperature conditions for up to three (3) years. The proprietary process has been specifically designed to deliver a clinically effective and minimally manipulated dehydrated allograft tissue. All placental tissues are recovered under sterile conditions from patients who have been pre-screened for underlying infectious disease (“BioBurden Reporting” for each donor/Lot. No. for easy tracing). No chemicals are used in the DryTekTM  process that might result in chemical cross-linking, allergic reactions, or further decellularization.