The use of dry amniotic membrane has revolutionized the way I treat ocular surface issues in my practice. I have used the thicker AMT as a patch graft material as well as a tool to allow healing of erosions and exposures of glaucoma devices. In the office, AMT has helped to rehabilitate the ocular surface patients with problems do to glaucoma medication use.


Leading ophthalmologist at Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut specializing in the medical laser and surgical management of glaucoma and cataracts.

AmnioTek’s dehydrated amniotic membrane has significant clinical benefits to my practice and my patients. We have used it with great success in our glaucoma patients with bleb leasks adn bleberosions as well as in patients with ocular surface disease non-responsive to other therapies. Because it is easy to store, not requiring refrigeration, we have a ready suppy when these clinical problems occur!


Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Tufts University Medical School and a Surgeon in Ophthalmology at Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary.

I have been an amniotic membrane user in complex ophthalmic procedures since the begining in the mid 90’s. As a founding member of the international ocular surface society. I have worked through the years with many very good amniotic products. My current favorite is the dehydrated AmnioTek™!


President Elect, ISRS/ American Academy of Ophthalmology

Among the treatments for ocular surface disease, few are as fast-acting, safe and easy to learn as AmnioTek™. It has become an essential part of my practice and has served many of my patients well.


Medical Director, Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute, Makati, Philippines.

I have been impressed with the flexibility of the AmnioTek’s amniotic membrane products. They have proven useful in pterygium surgery, wound repair, managing epithelial defects and poor ocular surface problems. I have also recently used it in autologous limbal stem cell surgery. It is a consistent product which provides me with the confidence when approaching complex anterior segment issues. Its long shelf-life and easy storage makes it ideal for locations where environmental conditions may impact medical supplies.


Director, Keratorefractive Surgery Service at Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary.

ISP’s dry amniotic membrane, AmnioTek™ has been an indispensable tool in treatment of the most common and difficult ocular surface disorders. It’s ease of application, terrific patient outcomes and 3 year shelf life makes it one of the most important ophthalmic products used both in surgery and in-office.


FACS. FACR president and CEO, Massachusetts Eye Research & Surgery Institution. 

I have been using AmnioTekTM both in office and in the operating room. Primarily the office indication has been for non-healing epithelial and neurotrophic ulcers. It has worked extremely well in these clinical indications. In the operative situation: Our corneal surgeons use AmnioTekTM for supplementing areas of conjunctival defects.


First Asian ophthalmologist to perform Lasik in NYC (1996) & DSAEK (2003) and to use multifocal, high technology IOL’s.

The increasing application and applicability of amniotic membrane is one of the most profound Game Changers of the past two decades. Both as a biotherapeutic bandage to promote healing of corneal ulcerations and other ocular surface diseases, as well as a conjunctival substitute in pterygium surgery and a scleral reinforcement for glaucoma tube shunt surgery, amnion has remarkably advanced the ocular surface therapy repertoire to enhance both wound healing as well as structural support.


Associate Clinical Professor at the Harvard Medical School and Assistant Professor of Ophthalmollogy at Tufts University School of Medicine