dAMT graft tube over-lay with Tisseel glue /Ahmed Value /by Dr. Robert Noecker

AmnioTek-C for in-office suture-less application for OSD by Dr. Jirapone Supokawate

AmnioTek-C for OSD/ BCL by Dr. Jirapone Supokawate

Excision Pterygium with AmnioTek using fibrin glue/ Sutureless by Dr. Jirapone Supokawate – Part 1

Dr Rob Noecker with dry Amniotic membrane.

Amniotek membrane without glue by Dr Juan Batlle

The First AmnioTek-C Amniotic Membrane Disc placement/ Sutureless/ BCL
by Dr. Kakkar in 2013 on OSD case.

Dr. Harvey Uy, “Primary Pterygium excision with application of AmnioTek Graft”

AmnioTek-C applied for OSD with BCL by Dr. Harvey Uy

AmnioTek used on Dogs and a Cat

DOG/CAT surgical videos with dAMT: Enry Garcia da Silva, DVM, MS, DACVO

Post Keratectomy Dehydrated Amniotic Membrane: Enry Garcia da Silva, DVM, MS, DACVO

Amniotic Membrane Placement: Enry Garcia da Silva, DVM, MS, DACVO