Founded in 2014, ISP Surgical is focused as a boutique “regenerative biologics” amniotic membrane company. We identified a niche for this innovative technology and provide surgical/in-office solutions developed by respected Asian and American manufacturers. We make this valued technology available to leading Ophthalmologists and Optometrist through a network around the world typically by local in-country distributors but we can also provide directly from ISP Surgical. The brand AmnioTEK is available in Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa . Especially strong representation in SE Asia and the Middle-East regions.

We have established long-term partnerships with local Ophthalmologists, Optometrist and Distributors through-out the world who are currently innovative in the sub-specialty areas of cornea, glaucoma, refractive and retina. Our Brand, AmnioTEK, has one thing in mind – Support the pioneer-minded Medical Professional, who strives to offer superior proven solution to their patients and clients.

As the owner of the AmnioTEK brand , ISP Surgical, guarantees the delivery of a safe, effective and efficacious product to clinics, hospitals and private practitioners. We also provide the know-how through educational opportunities in the form of didactic wet-labs, sponsored lectures and social media platforms with our world-renowned surgeons and business partners.

There are many challenges for today’s eye care providers. We are here with a solution. Let us know how we can help you!

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