AmnioTek™-C (kit)

Safety | Viability | Sterility

Dehydradted AMT has been successfully employed in the surgical treatment of the many ocular surface diseases in well over 1,000,000 cases over the past two decades.

It is delivered 100% sterile , dry with a 3 year-shelf life and stored at room temperature.This greatly reduces storage issues of refrigeration and shipping logistical cost and questions of sterility by other fresh and frozen AMT technologies.

Base Curve Median
Water Content 70% WC
Diameter 14.50 mm
Power Range Plano
Center Thickness 0.11 mm @-Plano
Lens Design Back Aspheric with Tri Curve Front
Edge Design Evelled peripheral curve with thin and rounded edge
Packing Vial

Ophthalmic Indications

AmnioTek™ -C (kit) is an in-office or minor surgical suite solution for many differential corneal diagnosis like the following:

  • Neurotrophic Ulcer
  • Non-Healing PED
  • Post infectious keratitis
  • Keratitis Sicca (Severe Dry eye)

Surgery Guide

amniotic structure
amniotic structure
amniotic structure
amniotic structure

Components of kit

amniotic structure

PVA Spears:
Pack of five PVA spears in sterilepacking.

amniotic structure

McPherson Forceps:
Stainless Steel McPherson forceps in sterile packing.

amniotic structure

Bandage Contact Lens (BCL):
Plano BCL of diameter 14.5mm in vial packing.

What is the size of the membrane?

Each piece of AmnioTek-C (Kit) is in form of a 12mm disc, and one box has one such piece.

What is the correct orientaton of the graft?

AmnioTek-C (Kit) is in correct orientation when larger projection is clockwise to the smaller one.

What is the shelf life of AmnioTek-C (Kit)?

The shelf life of AmnioTek-C (Kit) is 3 years in the box. Once the box is opened it has to be used in the same sterile field.

Is it possible to re-sterilize the membrance once the box is open?

No, the membrane can not be re-seterilized after the packing is open, as sterility is lost once the box is open.