Mr. Jay Tardugno

Mr. Jay Tardugno is Managing Director of ISP Surgical. He has almost 30 years’ experience in Ophthalmology. He is from Methuen, Massachusetts, USA. He is a graduate of Boston University ‘90 and West Point Preparatory Academy ‘85. He has worked with many leading organization to improve and promote Surgical Products.

Jay has made his career in Ophthalmology since 1993. He served an Regional Sales Director, Surgical and Territorial Manager for the following:

  • Allergan Pharmaceuticals
  • Bausch & Lomb Surgical -(Chiron Vision)
  • Coherent Medical Laser
  • Inspire Pharmaceuticals
  • IOP Ophthalmics
  • Katena Instruments

He has helped launch or promote the following products:

  • Ocuflox, Acular and Alphagan pharmaceuticals.
  • LI61U IOL with Amvisc Plus viscoelastic, Mport injector & Hansatome Mircokeratome
  • The CO2 laser, Nd Yag and “Lightsheer” 810 nm diode lasers
  • Elestast and Restasis pharmaceuticals
  • Ambio5, AmbioDisk, TarSys and the Molteno3 (second generation)