Introducing the new and innovative AmnioTek™ Processed Human Amniotic Membrane representing the latest in regenerative biologics technology for the ocular surface


AMT has been successfully employed in the surgical treatment of the ocular surface in well over 100,000 cases over the past decade

AmnioTek™ offers the opthalmic surgeon an effective, natural, minimally processed dehydrated, device-like amniotic membrane tissue featuring anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties ideal for wound covering and wound healing applications.

AmnioTek™ is a proven effective treatment for a host of ocular surface conditions.

Safety and sterility

AmnioTek™ amniotic tissue meets the most stringent donor screening and serological testing standards to ensure safety. AmnioTek™ is delivered sterile, dry and with a 3 year room-temperature shelf-life greatly reducing storage and shipping logistical costs incurred by other frozen allograft technologies.

Ophthalmic Indications

  • Pterygium surgery
  • Symblepharon release
  • Dry eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Fornix formation
  • Total LSCD
  • Cicatrizing conjunctivitis
  • Socket reconstruction
  • PEDs
  • Bullous keratopathy
  • Conjunctivochalasis
  • Partial LSCD
  • Band keratopathy
  • Entropion correction
  • Non-healing stromal ulcers

Inherent properties of Amniotic Membrane

  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Anti-infective properties
  • Reduces vascularisation

What is the size of the membrane?

The size of each piece of AmnioTek is 3×3 cm, one box of AmnioTek has one such piece.

What is the correct orientation of the graft?

There is a cut on upper right side of membrane indicating the correct orientation of the membrane to be put on cornea. If the membrane is held in such a way that cut edge points to the right and away from the surgeon, stromal side is facing the cornea & epithelial side is towards the surgeon.

What is the shelf life of AmnioTek?

The shelf life of AmnioTek is three years in the box. Once the box is opened it has to be used in the same sterile field.

Is it possible to re-sterilize the membrane once the box is open?

No, The membrane cannot be re-sterilized after the packing is open, as sterility is lost once the box is open.