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I am so humbled to be involved with such a incredible technology “Amniotic Membrane”, namely AmnioTek! My travels have brought me all over the world espousing the huge variety of ophthalmic medical purposes. I recently delivered in the Monthly Newsletter , ISP TEK-Talk , why AMT should be considered one of the most “valued” medical products ever created.

I thought I knew a lot about Amniotic Membrane , but once again “humbled” at the divine properties inherit in the placental tissues.

The attached article on “ The Long Path of the Human Placenta , and its Derivatives, in Regenerative Medicine” is a great place to start if you would like to be enlightened. What is truly amazing is the different applications straight across a wide swarth of medical specialties.

Please take a look at the “attachment” on the many applications of AMT in Ophthalmology. Extraordinary!

Love to hear your comments or questions!

Best regards,

Jay Tardugno

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